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Is it the right time to invest in Apple shares?

When you count down the top-ten most innovative companies in the world, Apple would come near the top of that list almost every time. Since the 1970s, Apple have revolutionised the way people view both home and mobile technology. Innovation has become an integral part of their business model and has helped push their stock price up in recent years. Apple shares offer investors an all-round appealing investment, but should you invest in Apple shares? Read on for more information.


In the past, should you have wanted to invest in Apple shares you have had to part with a pretty penny in order to do so. However, a rare window has opened up that means people can get hold of them cheaper than expected. The iPhone 6 and Apple Watch announcement of summer 2014 wasn’t exactly what people were expecting. Following the usual bump in share price, it dipped to the lowest point since 2012. It represented a 20% drop and even though it still isn’t cheap, it is definitely discounted. Should you invest in Apple shares during fall 2014, you may be getting a great deal.


Apple stocks are a pricey acquisition, which means they are going to be a stock that makes up the backbone of your portfolio. It isn’t going to be a stock that can be flipped for a quick profit, nor can you factor it into the part of your portfolio that is going to provide you with short-term gains. When you choose Apple it is going to a stock that will more than likely provide results over the long-term. The question you must ask yourself is should you invest in Apple shares, are you going to be able to find a place for Apple shares in your portfolio? Or will you have to sacrifice one of your premium stocks in order to do?

Understanding the Product

It sounds obvious, but being a user of Apple products can actually make you more knowledgeable about the brand when you choose to invest in Apple shares. The company prides itself in secrecy regarding product development; making predicting what is coming in the future hard for an outsider. However, consistent users of Apple products can predict what is coming the future, as they match up hardware and software advances with iOS compatibility and release date timelines. Obviously, the deep financial performance of the brand will always be out of reach, but estimation can go a long way in predicting the performance of Apple products in the pipeline.

Final Thoughts

There is plenty to consider should you want to invest in Apple shares, with the aforementioned arguably being the most important. But, the be all and end all of any decision will always rest on the fact that Apple is a global powerhouse, as such their shares command global powerhouse type of money to buy. If you can afford to part with such then Apple represents a smart investment, if you can’t it may be worth directing your attention elsewhere.