Should You Buy Shares in Wolf Minerals?

In the realm of Hemerdon tungsten and tin development, one name will consistently crop up on investor’s radars. Wolf Minerals are currently an ASX and ASM listed specialty metal company, which has a strong presence on the ASX, where it was first listed back in 2007. As a company they have displayed great focus on developing a major league tin and tungsten operation in the UK. Since their IPO, the company has gone on to be listed on the LSE AIM, which has put it in the shop window for UK investors. Are you looking to buy shares in Wolf Minerals? Then read on for more information about what you should know about the company.

Company History

Wolf Minerals as you know them today started in summer 2006 as a metals development and exploration company. It wouldn’t be long after their inception that people would be able to buy shares in Wolf Minerals, as they would arrive on the ASX in February 2007. The IPO was considered a success, raising $3 million in the process, and in the fall of that year they would sign a lease agreement for exploration in Plymouth, Devon. The project would be dubbed the Hemerdon Project and is the company’s core asset in terms of a large-scale exploration and mining.

The Hemerdon Project

If you want to buy shares in Wolf Minerals and you don’t educate yourself on anything else about the company, then you must at least understand the Hemerdon Project. It is the current core element and will continue to be the core element of Wolf Minerals success, as it realises its potential as a major source of tungsten. The project may have started in 2007, but that doesn’t mean that it is long in the tooth. Those who want to buy shares in Wolf Minerals will be glad to hear that the project is based upon a two-stage open pit, that has a minimum ten year life span predicted. Wolf Minerals have distributed several major contracts for the project, solidifying their name within the field. They have dealt with the likes of Engineering-Procurement Construction, CA Blackwell and GR Engineering Services, in order to both develop and operate the mine. Pending approvals the project is set to enter its next stage in 2015, meaning that those who want to buy shares in Wolf Minerals have plenty to get excited about going forward.

Final Thoughts

When looking at your portfolio, odds are it isn’t going to be rife with specialty metal companies. This is probably because the field in terms of knowledge can be difficult to get to grips with, from the projects being undertaken to the management hierarchies in place, it can all get a bit confusing. However, the complex nature of Wolf Minerals does not mean that they are to be avoided. If specialty metals is something you wish to invest in and you’re willing to learn about the field in the process, then you may want to buy shares in Wolf Minerals, a leading name in tungsten and tin exploration.

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